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Welcome to The Hague

Considering or planning to study in The Hague? Then you want to be well prepared and informed about what you can expect and what you will have to arrange to kick start your student time abroad. How to register at the municipality, how to find a place to stay, which insurance is needed, where to learn Dutch and how to get around in the city? As an International city with many different cultures and expats you will find that tips, help and guidance are widely available. 


On we provide you with information about studying in The Hague. You will find references to other guides and documents that give you more detailed information.

  1. Study in NL

  2. Study in The Hague region (The Hague International Centre, online)

  3. Welcome to The Hague for international studens (The Hague International Centre, pdf)

Will you be studying at the Royal Conservatoire? Go to the international section on their website.

Need to know: health care in the Netherlands

The medical system in the Netherlands is currently running at near maximum capacity. It is difficult to find a huisarts (General Practitioner/family doctor), and there are longer waiting times for referred care, including mental healthcare. Unfortunately, waiting times up to 6 months are not uncommon. Therefore, if you have a pre-existing mental or physical condition that requires immediate medical care/assistance, please plan with these waiting times in mind. Read more about health care.

Coming to the Netherlands