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DJ Niek

As a long-time producer since 2014, Niek is finally trying to make it into the DJing scene. During the coronavirus pandemic he developed a love for DJing and drum and bass music. Aiming to make Drum and Bass more known in the general public, he plays well-known drum and bass tracks, as well as including some of his own unreleased tracks in the mixes. Drum and bass is his favorite genre due to the high amount of creativity during mixing, the extremely high energy as well as the catchy melodies that can be found in many dancefloor tracks. Taking inspirations from artists such as Koven, Andromedik, Metrik, Dimension, T&Sugah, MUZZ and Teddy Killerz, he aims to have a familiar but unique sound in his own productions, as well as many creative blends during his mixes. Being an artist that is half-deaf in both ears is difficult, but this only gives Niek more motivation to do what he loves, and share it with the world.

"Facts about me: I am half-deaf in both ears, meaning that producing and DJing can sometimes be a bit harder than for the average DJ. Nonetheless, this only gives me more motivation to make music and play the music that I love to make and share."

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